Down on your luck? Here’s some inspiration…

Success Is 99% Attitude

EVG Research team here. We (inadvertently) hit quite a nerve with our “Should EVG Be Free?” newsletter a couple weeks ago. The emails keep flooding in.

We love when you share your opinion, even if you disagree with us. We read every one of them, and take them to heart, too.

Frankly, it doesn’t surprise us that you’d be anything less than passionate about a subject so close to your heart.

After all, this is YOUR money and YOUR livelihood you’re talking about.

What did surprise us was how much some of you opened up and poured out your life stories to us.

Many of your stories really tugged at our heartstrings. Several warmed our hearts.

The letter below from reader Dale did both.

We’re going to share Dale’s complete letter with you … not just because it is inspiring, but also because it has the power to unlock the floodgates of wealth for you, if you listen carefully.

But before we get to the letter itself, here’s the valuable insight you’ll learn from Dale’s experience:

Your Success Ultimately Depends on … YOU

You see, we at EVG can provide you with all the right information. (Check out how right here)

We can show you the exact ways the ultra-wealthy got rich. We can share the methods they use to double and triple their wealth.

We can even hook you up with top financial experts to help you attain your own dreams.

We do all that, and more…

But it still comes down to YOU.

As the proverb says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Some EVG members fail to take action because they don’t think they have enough resources.

Maybe they’re just starting out … or starting over after divorce or bankruptcy or downsizing.

And since they don’t have $50K to participate in some of the more lucrative, high-end strategies we offer, they think they can’t do anything. They give up.

That’s a huge mistake. Because sometimes the best investment you can make is to get educated first.

If you’ve ever read any Robert Kiyosaki (highly recommended, by the way), you’ll understand this advice.

He often has anxious new clients ask him what they should invest in first.

They are always disappointed when he tells them not to invest ANY MONEY until they first invest in their own financial education.

Most people don’t realize the value of educating yourself first.

Which is why we were so pleasantly surprised to get this unsolicited email from EVG member Dale.

He wrote in response to last Friday’s newsletter. That’s when we posted the list of comments people sent in about “Should EVG Be Free?”

Most of those comments were positive, but then there was that “ugly” one. It was from a guy who was down on his luck and had given up hope.

It was that “ugly one” that prompted Dale’s email…and surprised us all in a pleasant way.

Here’s Dale’s letter, uncut (we did add the bolding). Enjoy!


Dear EVG Research Team,

I don’t normally send comments, but I had to respond to the “Ugly One.” My situation is probably not too much different from theirs, although what I am doing about it is very different.

About 15 years ago our family made the decision to leave the corporate world so that we could be together to raise our children. My wife was a chemical engineer and I was an executive. I started my own business and at first it worked well, but then the economy changed and we lost everything. And, I do mean everything! In later years I learned that we met the legal definition of “homeless”, although we never thought of ourselves that way. We lived for years on a very small sailboat, in our VW camper, and a tent trailer. Although the finances were stressful, life was an adventure! And, our friends and family would never have guessed our plight — we did not whine or complain. Even though there were times my wife and I ate one meal per day for months so that our children could eat three, we never appeared “down on our luck”. No one would have ever guessed. Many even envied our life of apparent “adventure”.

I recently retired — slightly ahead of schedule. The company I was contracted with did an unexpected dramatic downsize. But, again…. life is an adventure. We are in the process of building a completely off-the-grid natural house, and expect to move into it in the Fall. At that time I will be pursuing some business ideas. Currently, we have less than one month’s worth of cash, but we are much better off than before when we were “homeless”. We have a house we are going to sell. Our new home, although labor intensive to build, is very inexpensive to construct and to operate. Although, we have very little financially, we have been preparing. Sure, there are stresses, but we are very hopeful.

Once again, anyone observing us would think we are doing fine. Not that we want to create an illusion, or pretend to be something we are not. Rather, we choose to put our energy into creating solutions. There is a difference between being broke and being poor. We may be short on funds at the moment, but we are not poor.

We are members of EVG. Grateful members! I will be honest — buying the membership was a difficult financial commitment for us. But, based upon what we saw, we believed there was value for us. And, it has proven true. There are many of the concepts we are not able to implement– YET! However, we are doing what we can… “baby steps”, if you will. Like the “Ugly One”, we have little (or, no) reserves. But, that is not stopping us!

One of the most important things we are doing is educating ourselves. We are learning how to read the “signs of the times”. That creates opportunities for us to take advantage of situations. From our prior experience with being “homeless”, I know that even in the darkest of times, there are small windfalls that occur. When you are armed with knowledge and wisdom, those windfalls can become opportunities to bootstrap yourself up. And, we are taking advantage of those small opportunities that lead to bigger ones. (Lesson 21 gave an excellent example of how to do that — transfer within an asset class to increase your position over time, then shift to a new asset class at the appropriate point.)

That is part of the reason we are building our own home — once it is done, our living expenses with be very small and it will be much easier to apply more of what we are learning. Not everyone will want to build a house with their own hands, as we are, but everyone can do something to apply knowledge to take advantage of opportunities.

So, to the “Ugly One”, and any other fence-sitters, I would say: You may not be able to use all the knowledge you will gain from EVG membership right now. There are certainly strategies presented that we cannot use, YET. But, much more important, there is knowledge we can apply NOW, and there are some strategies that we can implement in a small way NOW. Would I like the membership to cost less? Of course, I would. But, the real question is has it been worth what I paid (and, sacrificed to pay!)? Absolutely!!!! You will never change your situation by whining or complaining. You will never get ahead by attacking others or their success. Both approaches will close the doors to opportunity. You must take action that is positive, wise and responsible. (And, you might try emulating the successful ones.) That starts with attitude and knowledge. The opportunity EVG gives is the knowledge that prepares you to see “magic” moments of opportunity — even if your circumstances seem to dictate that they can’t exist for you. The attitude you have to provide.

On behalf of myself and my family — thanks for what you do!

Dale Gillilan


Dale gave us permission to use his full name. He felt that if his story could impact just one other person who’s struggling, then it would be worth it to “own his story” and tell it to the world.

If you’d like to send any words of encouragement back to Dale, we’ll be sure to pass them on to him.

Let’s recap a few of the valuable lessons Dale has learned:

1. Take action. Don’t delay another day.
2. Don’t make excuses – you don’t need money to start, just a willingness to change your life for the better.
3. Educate yourself thoroughly.
4. Start small, and use every success as an opening to move on to bigger and better things.
5. Don’t let dire straights deter you from your goals. Learn from such situations to always keep a forward-looking, positive attitude, with an eye on the final prize.
6. Understand the “negative” forces that are working in the world, but don’t let them inspire fear – only opportunity.

EVG Can Help You … No Matter Where You’re at Now

If you find yourself in a similar situation as Dale, EVG can help you overcome the mindset of scarcity and set the foundation for a wonderful future.

And if you already have a start on your investing journey, but just aren’t sure what to do next …

…EVG can provide the solid, well-researched information that will clear the confusion and put you on the path to prosperity.

And if you’ve already done well and built a considerable nest egg, the black-box strategies of the ultra-wealthy we offer will blow you away.

These strategies will show you how to leverage your existing wealth for massive profits, while at the same time preserving and protecting your principal from catastrophic loss. Powerful stuff.

Whatever situation you’re in, The Elevation Group is here to help.

Why not check us out?

Click Here to Register for The Elevation Group Webinar today,

Your Partner in Prosperity,

The EVG Research Team


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